UK and International Rules

UK NAC Rules

  • All competitors must hold a valid NAC membership
  • Posing rounds must be no longer than 60 seconds
  • Music must not include and swearing or racists remarks
  • All judges will be NAC qualified judges and approved by the NAC committee
  • Athletes who leave the stage or are late on stage will be disqualified and the judges should not score them. (This is in line with NAC international rules). 
  • First time competitors must have never been on stage at any prior contest for any federation
  • Novice competitors must have never won a prior show in any federation including juniors and first timers class
  • All age classes must be the respective age of the class on the day of the show.  Proof of age will be asked for at signing in of all shows.
  • No dream tan will be allowed at any NAC event
  • Conduct - any competitor/NAC member acting in an unsportsmanlike manner or bringing disrepute to the NAC whether at a show or on social media, may result in being disqualified from the show or having their membership revoked.  A ban to all NAC events maybe issued as determined by the NAC committee. 

International NAC Rules

  • Active Judges are automatically the top 15 Judges of the last NAC International Championships ( Worlds or Universe )
  • Reserve Judges may be a not top 15 Judge of the last NAC International Championships
  • Trainee Judges may be a first time Judge for a NAC International Championships
  • A Judge must be on time to their designated judging seat or they will be replaced. Judges cannot take pictures, use a smartphone or talk with other Judges during the judging process. 
  • The Judge has to signed readable his scoring sheet
  • The scoring starts with the – line up – in this round you should mark your top ten athletes. Exception is the Bikini-Shape or the Mens Physique Class . The Judges select here their individual top 6 competitors on the comparison sheet and give it to the Head judge or Speaker
  • The second round – comparison – starts with a short comparison round in groups of 4-6 athletes ,not selected, in following the running number – now the judges have to select on the comparison sheets their top 6 athletes and give them to the Head Judge or Speaker
  • The first callout are the top 6 – the second callout are the place 7 – 10 . If a scoring is close or a tie , the Head Judge can callout a 3rd comparison. Finally the Judges placing their results 1.- 10th place on the scoring sheet. The Judges is not allowed to make a handmade copy of his scoring sheet, the full concentration should be at the judging , if needed he can make a short smartphone pic of it
  • Athletes who leave the stage or are late on stage are disqualified and the judge can not score him – the competitor number on the scoring sheet must be marked with a zero
  • The NAC International judging procedure saves the health of the competing athlete from countless, senseless comparisons. It also makes the judging more serious and fair against personal, national or monetary interests . The result is a democratic decision of all judges. Its a sport and should be fair!
  • NAC UK Championships - 27th April

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